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Advocacy is a fight for the truth.


Representing the client in civil procedures as an authorized Representativeor an advocate

In civil court proceedings and arbitration proceedings

  • Disputes arising from all types of contracts;
  • Disputes related to all types of company shares;
  • Disputes related to loan, pledge, guarantee and warranty;
  • Disputes related to securities and insurance;
  • Labor disputes;
  • Disputes related to inheritance and will;
  • Intellectual property disputes;
  • Disputes related to defamation of honor, dignity and business reputation;
  • Family law disputes.

Representing the client in administrative proceedings as an authorized representative and or an advocate

In administrative court proceedings

  • Election disputes
  • Disputes related to ownership of mineral licenses
  • Land disputes
  • Disputed related to license for the business entities
  • Tax disputes
  • Disputes related to registration of properties
  • Tender, bidding and competition disputes
  • Civil service disputes
  • Disputes related to other administrative acts

Representing the client in criminal proceedings as an advocate

In criminal court proceedings

  • Crimes against human life
  • Crimes against inviolability of health
  • Crimes against sexual inviolability and sexual freedom
  • Crimes against individual’s inviolability honor and dignity
  • Crimes against individual’s personal and political rights and freedoms
  • Crimes against cyber security
  • Crimes against the rules of safety of traffic and use of motor vehicles
  • Crimes against the rights of ownership
  • Crimes against economy
  • Corruption crimes

Representing the client in misdemeanor proceedings as an advocate

In misdemeanor disputes

  • Misdemeanors against regulations on public morals, health and health
  • Misdemeanors against public properties and ownership rights
  • Misdemeanors against regulations on education, culture, science and technological procedure
  • Misdemeanors against regulations on business operations
  • Misdemeanors against regulations on securities, banking, financing, customs, tax and insurance
  • Misdemeanors against regulations on construction, industry and energy
  • Misdemeanors against regulations on information, communication, transportation, use of motor vehicles and traffic
  • Misdemeanors against state frontier safety and regulations on visit of foreign nationals and stateless persons to Mongolia

Representing the client in enforcement of judgment as an advocate

Enforcement of court decision

  • Representing the client
  • Representing the client as an advocate in disputes arising out of enforcement of court decisions